Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Ways Every Guy Can Start Building Lean Muscle

Many people want to gain muscle, size and have that toned/shredded look. This is why a lot of folks spend years going to the gym and adopting a strict diet in order to get that sculpted body they’ve always wanted. While there are many who want to build lean muscle, they also have no idea where to start. Muscle building is a rather straightforward process but it will require plenty of time, dedication, consistency, patience, and discipline.

Whether you want to build size, enhance your chest, pave your way to chiseled abs, or just about any muscle building goals, the following tips will help you out:

#1 Lift
If you want to build big, strong muscles, then you have to lift weights on a regular basis. You need to subject your muscles on a level of stress that they’re not used to, which is best done with weight lifting. In order to grow muscles, you first need to tear the muscle fibers, so they will be rebuilt as stronger ones. Unless you have a heavy manual labor job like moving or construction, your best bet is to use barbells, dumbbells and other weight lifting machines.

#2 Eat
In order to gain weight and build muscles, you need to eat. However, it is not just about eating and being done with it, you need to eat enough. And by enough, we mean that you should consume more calories than you are burning. With this, you might be required to calculate your calorie maintenance. Once you have determined you maintenance, add about 300 to 500 calories per day and you are off to a good start. Make sure that you consume at least 1g of protein for every pound.

#3 Progress
After a while, your body becomes accustomed to the stress that it receives from weight lifting. So in order not to hit a plateau, make sure that you progress in your weight lifting sessions. You can either increase the number of reps or increase the weight lifted while making sure that your completion time remains the same.

#4 Minimize Cardio
Cardio is great for burning calories but not for building muscles. If you burn more calories than you consume, then you will not be able to build muscle. Minimize your cardio for a brief 3-5 minute warm-up and focus on lifting weights.

#5 Consider Supplements

Two of the best supplements for building muscle are protein powder and creatine. Protein powder is for making sure that you hit your protein requirements and creatine is great for added strength and recovery. However, treat supplements as merely tools and don’t fully depend on them.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hey everybody! We just released a new commercial and thought we would share it here if you haven't seen it yet on TV! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Losing Weight with ProbioSlim

Hey everyone, we wanted to share another video with you today! This video is about losing weight in an intelligent way. ProbioSlim helps with your probiotic intake, but also is able to help you lose weight! Good luck to all of you on your journey and we hope this video sheds some insight!

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Video on Good and Bad Bacteria!

Explaining Why We Need Probiotics by ProbioSlim

Wanted to post a quick video about probiotics! If you have any more questions you can always follow us on Twitter and ask us anything!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Realize your Dream of Having a Fit and Healthy Body through ProbioSlim

Taking a risk to achieve your goal is a crucial decision-making process. It involves a lot of factors before enacting such a choice. The same is true when it comes to having a decision of choosing the right supplement that would indulge your target of getting the slim and healthy body. Legions of questions pop out of your mind as to which dietary supplements perfectly complement with your goal. Confusions and skepticism is one of those that would hold out our actions to reach such dream especially nowadays, where lots of products are out in the market.
First things first
First things first, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is an elimination process whereby you separate what is useful or valuable and reject what is useless or worthless. If you have been long using a dietary supplement or fat burner without realizing its effects, maybe it's time to switch to a more innovative and revolutionary product.
Getting your feet wet with Probioslim is Worth a Shot
A total package of fat burning concurrently taking care of your health by targeting your digestive system, most ProbioSlim reviews claim the product as a unique weight loss supplement that gives importance to the function of the digestive system. First in the market and increasing demand of the product within a short period of time is occurring.

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Peculiarity of Probioslim
In contrast to a number of extreme weight loss supplements, ProbioSlim bears no risk of damaging uncomfortable side effects.
As opposed to various other probiotics, the ingredient LactoSpore® sorts its spores that will defend the discharge connected with probiotics until eventually it's got properly passed throughout the harsh environment of the stomach and also reached the digestive tract. This prevents stomach acid from killing off the beneficial microorganisms and counteracting ProbioSlim’s effects
How the System Works
Unlike most businesses, ProbioSlim covers you for a full 30 days, starting from the date the product was shipped to you. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, simply obtain an RMA number from their customer service department and send back your unused bottle(s) to them for a full refund. Your order is processed using industry-standard 256-bit security encryption. This makes the order processing 256 times more secure than when you use your card at the grocery store.
Money back guarantee

ProbioSlim reviews show many contented consumers since the product provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that it offers a complete refund (less shipping and handling) for any unused, returned product postmarked within 30 days of the date the product was shipped to you.

Here is a great video helping to describe how probiotics work, and how probioslim could further help you! 

How Probiotics Work, and How Probioslim Can... by ProbioSlim

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Information on Probiotics and How They Can Help You Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle

The miracle of probiotics can help re-establish us to optimal health. As the antithesis of antibiotics, which kills germs indiscriminately (both unfriendly and friendly) while nonetheless permitting other dangerous bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast to proliferate unchallenged, probiotics work to rebuild and re-balance this intestinal flora so essential to our well-being as well as our absorption of vital nutrients. In reality, probiotics are rather necessary in the aftermath of any course of antibiotics, and when taken properly, in conjunction with a nutritious diet and way of life, it can help enhance well being drastically.
An unhealthy stomach will not digest foods properly. That means the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals needed for survival could be significantly impaired. Probiotics change that by keeping harmful organisms in check and enabling improved overall digestion and nutrient uptake.

Research signals that fat folks have more harmful bacteria in the gut than thin folks, while thin individuals have more friendly bacteria inside their bowels than these who are obese. Studies reveal that these unfriendly bowel bacteria could possibly cause low-grade inflammation within the body, contributing to obesity and making losing that fat more challenging. Probiotics can help on their own to get a short while, but as always and notably in this case, they must be taken as a complement to your wholesome diet. Processed meals and a diet full of sugars and unhealthy fatty tissues will only encourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria, insulin-resistance and weight gain.

Remember too that a well balanced lifestyle and also a nontoxic, nutrient-rich diet is vital to be able to ensure maximum increase from just about any probiotics routine. Reducing all sorts of strain is also particularly important, notably during the holidays. Good day-to-day habits will be the foundation of health, in the end, and pro-biotics can assist in supporting that basis.